Liposome Hair Color. Unique formulation for Permanent and Semipermanent colors.

Hi-Lift Highlights

Hi Lights brilliant long-lasting colors with hightlift power to lighten up to 5 shades. It can be used to color and lighten hair that has previously been colored by oxidation colors. Mix 1 part Hight Lights with 2 parts Oxicreme 20 – 30 – 40 Volumes and leave in place for 30/45 minutes, depending on desired level.

  • Permanent Colors Mix 1 part of LIPOSOME HAIR COLOR with 1 1/2 parts of Oxicreme (20, 30, 40 Volumen).
  • Semi-Permanent Colors Mix 1 part of LIPOSOME HAIR COLOR with 1 1/2 part of Active Lotion.

Liposome Hair Color

For Permanent and Semi-permanent colors. Exceptional and innovative hair color with liposomic protection allowing you to obtain wonderful Permanent and Semi-Permanent color effects with the same formula. When mixed with Oxicreme, Liposome Hair Color becomes a permanent color guarantying total coverage of grey hair and long lasting shades, leaving hair soft and natural. When mixed with Active Lotion, Liposome Hair Color becomes a Semi-Permanent color producing oustanding colors keeping the hair shiny healty and amazingly natural. Before using Liposome Hair Color in any form, please do an allergy test.

  • Before Coloring Once you did an allergy test if hair appears to be particulary greasy or dirty, wash hair lightly with Clarifying Shampoo, towel dry and then color.
  • First Time Color (Natural Hair) For Permanent color, mix 1 part of Liposome Hair Color with 1.5 parts of color on for 10-15 minutes. Apply remaining color to roots. Leave color on for an additional 20-25 minutes to help oxidation. We recommend combing hair through with a wide tooth comb to distribute color.
  • Re-Touching Mix the required amount of color and apply only to regrowth. Leave color on for 20-25 minutes. Apply remaining color (combing through hair) over the mid lenght and ends. Leave on for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Exposure Time For Permanent Colors To lighten 4-5 shades, use 10 Series (extra lighteners) + 40 (12%) volume Oxicreme exposing time 45 minutes. To lighten 3-4 shades, use 10 Series (extra lighteners) + 30 (9%) volume exposing 30 to 45 minutes. To obtain 5 shades lift with 10 Series we suggest mixing 1 part with 2 parts Oxicreme 40 volume (12%). To lighten 1-3 shades and cover grey hair use Oxicreme 30 volume (9%) and add ”N” Series same depth of target color. The percentage of “N” shade to be added will be the same of the percentage of grey hair. Example: 50% grey hair, target color 6T -mix 50% 6N and 50% 6T – exposing time 30 minutes. To color hair tone on tone and darker, use Oxicreme 20 volume (6%) with target color (in Case of grey hair, add “N” Series as mentioned above).
  • Liposome Hair Color Semi-Permanent Color Lightly shampoo hair with Clarifying Shampoo and towel dry. Mix 1 part of Liposome Hair Color with 1.5 parts of Active Lotion (50 ml of color + 75 ml of Active Lotion). Apply product and leave on for 15 – 20 minutes. Very porous hair will require shorter exposure.

Total Color… Total Care

  • Pre-Pigmentation Wet hair and towel blot to eliminate excess water. Spray COLOR FILLER directly to hair to be colored. Do not rinse. Mix the desired shade of Liposome Hair Color with 6% or 9% Oxicreme (for maximum color vibrancy, Oxicreme 9% is recommended). Apply directly to hair previously treated with COLOR FILLER. Leave color on for 30 minutes. Wash hair with Crystal Wash Shampoo and rinse.
  • Re-Pigmentation After washing hair Crystal Wash Shampoo, towel blot hair to eliminate excess water. Apply COLOR FILLER directly to hair and leave on to process for 5-15 minutes. Rinse well with Lukewarm water.
  • Color Refresh Make colors last forever. Add 5-10 ml. of COLOR FILLER to the required amount of Crystal WashShampoo and wash hair as normal. Leave on to process for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.
  • Highlights Pre-lighten hair to desired level using BLEACH POWDER. Shampoo hair with Crystal, apply COLOR FILLER directly to the pre-lightened section or to the whole head. Leave on to process for 5-15 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.
  • Color Lights Mix one part of Liposome Hair Color 000 (Ultra Light Bright) with 2 parts of Oxicreme 12%. Add 5 to 15 ml. of COLOR FILLER and apply where required.
  • Skin Protective Completely protects the skin from being stained by the hair color tints. Applying the SKIN PROTECTIVE before the Hair Color, eliminate color stains on the forehead. Also reducs irritation and itching.

Color Stain Remover

Color Stain Remover is especially formulated to remove permanent hair color from the skin. It is safe and effective in removing unsightly stains from the forehead and neck. Not-irritating.

  • Violet Wash The ideal product to remove the ugly yellowish tones from grey, bleached or highlighted hair. It gives a beautiful platinum tone and leaves hair shiny and manageable.





New Permanent Color with Keratin

Keyra colors is a permanent color with active principles based on Keratin and natural components. It covers 100% of gray hair,

The superblondes have the power to lift up to four levels.By adding Keratin, we obtain a vibrant and durable color that is also

very gentle to scalp as well as the hair fibers. It also provides shine, smoothness and conditioning.


Natural Shades(Bases)                                         Hues(Undertones)


1 Black                                                                      0 Natural Shades

3 Dark Chestnut                                                     1 Ash

4 Chestnut                                                               2 Violet-Irised

5 Light Chestnut                                                     3 Golden

6 Dark Blonde                                                         4 Copper

7 Blonde                                                                   5 Mahogany

8 Light Blonde                                                        6 Red

9 Very Light Blonde                                               8 Chocolate

10 Extra Light Blonde



Examine the hair texture and its natural level of color.

Determine the % of grey hair.

Choose the desired shade considering lifting of levels and deposit.


Start the application at the areas with grey hair. Leave it in for 30 minutes, If necessary, comb through to shafts and ends 10 minutes

before rinsing off. If the applied shade is lighter than the existing one, the process should be started at the neck. If virgin hair, begin application on shafts and ends. Leave on for 15 minutes. Than apply to roots and leave for 30 minutes (Check the application chart).

Preferably apply on dry unwashed hair.

Wear suitable gloves.

Do not use metallic instruments.

Apply the cream generously to ensure excellent coverage of grey hair.


Keyra colors Cream must be exclusively mixed i  equal parts with Keyra peroxide according to the desired relation

(1+1), except for the Superblondes that are mixed in relation of 1+2 (Check the application chart below)


With Keyra colors a perfect grey coverage can be achieved. It is important to consider the amount (%) of grey hair, because the undertones of each hair can increase the intensity of the desired shade. The range of super covering natural shades is specially indicated for resistant and impermeable grey hairs, hard and difficult to cover. The intensity of colors assure total coverage results. Therefore, we recommend to follow the advice of the chart shown below. We also recommend depositing a generous amount of color cream on the hair and to use Keyra ox of 20 volumes.


UP TO 50% OF GREY HAIR                          3/4 of the desired shade  +1/4 natural shade



50-100% GREY HAIR                                      1/2 of the desired shade  +1/2 natural shade



Recommendation for application on grey hair: The choice of the right amount and relation of base color will always and only be taken by the  professional stylist.